Taking A Look At The Paper Industry In The United States And Beyond

From white shimmer paper to cardstock to bulk envelopes, the ability to buy paper in bulk has been hugely important for many people all throughout the country and truly all throughout the world. After all, the ability to buy paper in bulk allows for the consumption of this paper in bulk as well – and consuming paper is something that we all do in so many different ways.

For instance, the need to buy paper in bulk is particularly prevalent among the office industry. Office workers alone will each use as many as 10,000 different sheets of paper over the course of just one year. Much of this can be attributed to the use of paper filing systems, which are still popular in many an office setting.

Paper filing systems go through a lot of paper just in day to day use. The lost paper rates and the rates of papers that are temporarily misplaced through the use of such filing systems also help to account for the immense amount of paper that is used in any given office environment over the course of the year. After all, up to 7.5% of all paper documents generated by the workforce will ultimately be lost completely and will need to be replaced. In addition to this, up to 15% of all such documents will be misplaced, though these documents will ultimately be found and will not need to be replaced ultimately. However, it is still clear to see why the need for office spaces to buy paper in bulk is really so very high.

Of course, paper consumption is high all throughout the country, even in places and among individual people who are not necessarily needing to buy paper in bulk from any given wholesale paper supplier or wholesale paper company. After all, it is estimated that four trillion various paper documents will be used and consumed in this one country alone over the course of a single year. And this is far from a stagnant number, as it is one that is estimated to climb by as much as 22% – more than one fifth – with each passing year as well.

So there is no doubt about it that paper and paper products are hugely important in our world, whether you buy paper in bulk for your business or simply consume paper casually and on an individual scale. For some people, this is concerning, especially when considering matters like deforestation and the use of so many trees to create this paper in the first place. Fortunately, paper usage is far more sustainable (in the long term, as well) than many people actually realize.

For one thing, recycled paper is growing ever more prominent in our world, and particularly all throughout the United States as a country. As a matter of fact, recent data even suggests that as much as one third, if not more, of all newly made paper contains some level of recycled fibers. In addition to this already compelling information, it has also been found that a 60% scrap paper recovery rate, set to be achieved by the year of 2012, was able to be achieved three entire years before this deadline. As a result, we now, as an American people, recycle more paper and paper products than what we are sending to the landfills. And much of this old paper is turned right around and made into new paper. Currently, our paper recovery rate sits at just about 67% – and is likely to continue climbing ever higher in the years that are ahead of us.

There is certainly no doubting the necessity of paper, from those who buy paper in bulk to those who buy it as a casual and everyday consumer. Paper has so many different applications that it is immensely critical not to underestimate it. Without paper, so much of our lives would be so very different indeed and so a world without any kind of paper consumption going on is not a world that many of us will be all that familiar with. Fortunately, responsible paper usage is becoming more and more feasible.