Spray Foam Rigs Seal Buildings to Save Power

The total electric cost of a modern house or skyscraper or office building can be surprisingly high, and equally unexpected are the ways how a building can rack up excess electric bills over the years, especially in winter and summer. Energy for lighting, powering, and heating and cooling buildings can reach astronomical figures, and one major way buildings lose efficiency with this is through poor sealing in the walls. Spray foam is the key to keeping a house properly insulated and energy-efficient, and getting this seal in place means one should find spray foam insulation equipment for sale.

Energy by the Numbers

Energy is a big business in the United States and abroad. Every year, the total energy consumption costs of all industrial and commercial buildings in the United States was right around $400 billion, and the bad news is that not all of that energy is used well. Poor sealing means that upwards of 40% of a building’s energy loss is due to bad air filtration mechanisms, but the EPA’s Energy Star Program monthly energy bills of a building could be slashed by up to 20% if better insulation is added to properly seal air leaks. Finding spray foam insulation equipment for sale can be a major step for fixing a building’s power problems. After all, increasing all commercial buildings’ energy efficiency by 10% can save $40 billion per year. Spray foam insulation is clearly a route to better efficiency, and getting a spray foam insulation rig and getting spray foam training can accomplish this.

The Equipment

Spray foam insulation equipment for sale can be a new or used machine of varying sizes and types for the job. According to Graco, smaller electric units are available for a small spray foam rig, while a bigger job may require gas compressors and generators or even diesel generators coupled with an electric compressor for industrial-scale jobs. The spray foam trailer itself will also have to be the correct size for the weight of the equipment. Smaller rigs can be pulled in a standard, truck-pulled trailer, but bigger spray foam rigs will need to be carried in a goose neck trailer, which requires a truck with a fifth wheel-style trailer hitch.

Correct safety procedures should be followed after an individual or company has found a spray foam insulation equipment for sale. Full-body protection during use is required, as is eliminating any potential fire hazards and keeping a fire extinguisher on hand. An eye wash station and first aid kit are also recommended, and wires and cables should run inside conduit to prevent hazards there, too. While the equipment is in motion, metal braces can keep drums of materials table and prevent any accidents during transportation.