Some New Ideas for the Classic Family Holiday Photo Card

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If there’s one thing that screams “holiday season,” it’s the classic family custom holiday photo cards that fill the mailbox each year starting in November.

  • The color coordinated outfits, which are usually winter-themed despite the fact that the photo was clearly taken outside in the middle of August, and at least one family member looks ready to faint from heat exhaustion.
  • The “natural” smiles, which are anything but natural — and even though you’re curious to find out what disasters took place before the photo was taken, you know better than to ask what really happened.
  • The clever message wishing everyone a happy holidays, which looks deceptively short and sweet — until a six-page novel about the family’s annual adventures drops out of the envelope.

You know the photo we’re talking about. And if you’re lucky enough, your family has sent out many a custom photo card to everyone and anyone during the holiday season. But if your family is finally getting a bit sick of the front porch background (after only 26 years), here are a few new ideas for this year’s batch of custom holiday photo cards:

1. The classic summer vacation photo: Fooling everyone into thinking that your family is ultra-active! Playing with dolphins, posing on the side of the Rocky Mountains — pretty much anything goes for this one. And it’s still far enough away from the holidays that no one’s visibly stressed out about gifts yet.

2. The picture with the family pet: Even better if you happen to have matching outfits! This understated pose reminds everyone that you’re The Cat Lady, and you’re proud of it. Maybe it’s a joke, maybe it’s completely serious — you’ll leave everyone guessing, and that’s part of the fun.

3. The terrible picture: This one has been ignored too often in recent years, but it deserves to be brought back. Everyone knows that the picture used in those custom holiday photo cards — the one that looks exceptionally perfect — took at least an hour to create. Why not skip the hassle and just go with the first photo that you take? Trust us, the recipients of your custom photo greeting cards will respect your courage and honesty.

And if you haven’t been a lucky participant in this annual tradition, maybe it’s time to convince your family that you should make your own photo greeting cards for this holiday season. It isn’t hard to find professional photo labs that can handle help you through the process. It might just become your family’s favorite holiday tradition!