Six Ways to Tell Whether an SEO Company is Adaptable

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Google’s Matt Cutts — the head of the webspam team — released a new video on April 1st, but it was anything but an April Fools’ joke. Rather, Cutts made clear that the field of SEO, or search engine optimization, will always be changing. Why? Because search will always be in “flux,” and they will always be looking for better ways to give great content to searchers.

What does this mean for your SEO? Basically, you need to hire an SEO company that’s going to, similarly, be constantly adapting to new changes in the Google algorithm. Otherwise, the techniques being used to propel your website to the top of search results will not only be outdated and less effective, but could potentially score you a penalty with Google.

What should you know about finding a good SEO company? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Three Characteristics of an Adaptable SEO Team

  • Have a discussion with the SEO marketing agency you’re thinking of hiring. Do they know what Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin are? How has their approach changed as a result? These are several major changes to hit Google search algorithm within the last couple years. A responsible company will have made changes to keep up with the latest search preferences.
  • Did you know that Matt Cutts recently stated that an abuse of guest blogging can hurt those who use it for SEO? A great SEO team will be informed about all the latest happenings in the search engine industry.
  • An adaptable SEO services agency will be able to provide you consistent feedback on how your campaign is going, and they’ll be able to work with you in order to develop an SEO strategy that truly targets your ideal audience.

Three Signs That an SEO Marketing Agency Uses Outdated Techniques

  • If a company promises that they can get you inbound links for prices that are far below industry standard, they are probably using outdated content-creation techniques that will quickly be noted today as link-bait by Google.
  • It’s always a good idea to check online reviews of SEO marketing companies left by past customers. If many customers report not seeing the ROI they expected, or replied have gotten consistently less favorable over time, it can be a sign that the company came up with a plan and is sticking to it in spite of extensive industry changes.
  • Outsourcing to Asia is often a sign of an outdated approach. Years ago, content quality mattered less for SEO, so paying for content created by someone who had english as a second language wasn’t a big deal. Today, though, the Google algorithm looks for natural, organic writing and half-translated garble-speak isn’t going to cut it.

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