Signs Going Beyond Basic Appearances

Led display board

It can be difficult to stand out in this day and age — particularly if you’re running a small business. However, this issue doesn’t just apply to small businesses. It also applies to schools and churches, which depend on some level on attracting the attention of people. This can be easier said than done. Yes, there is a certain advantage that comes with being able to advertise online. However, online advertising is not always the answer. Sometimes, the best possible clients and target audiences for your purposes are better targeted outdoors. For example, if a school is advertising a big game — a major fundraising opportunity — they may be better served by scrolling marquee signs than an online announcement. Both can go hand in hand; but scrolling marquee signs can be repurposed and reused for multiple different occasions. Below, we’ll look into some of the different signs that can set your business — or school, or church, or organization in general — apart from others. A sign may be like a typical, obvious thing; of course you’ll have a sign of some kind. But there’s a big difference between a typical sign that can only be seen by day, and full color LED signs.

Why Full Color LED Signs?

Full color LED signs are preferred by business owners in particular. This is because they can be seen easily at night — and for that matter, from a distance. These businesses are the types that people don’t necessarily make a point to visit. They serve a need that someone has in the moment, driving down a dark road for example. Often, these businesses would not otherwise be discovered if not for these bright, colorful signs. In fact, it’s estimated that 35% people wouldn’t have discovered a business if not for a bright sign. Of course, this doesn’t just go for small, family-owned businesses. It’s believed that 17% of Best Buy’s walk in customers did so because of their bright, iconic signs. Your sign may set your business apart from a competitor that does not have a similar sign. Bright colors and lights are even more useful when paired with a large amount of billboard space. After all, a total of 58% of poll respondents reported finding out about an event based on a billboard. But presenting a message on its own is not always enough. Putting your message into motion might be a good idea as well.

Why Scrolling Marquee Signs?

You may be familiar with scrolling marquee signs. They might be most prominently associated with schools and churches. There are many reasons why scrolling marquee signs appeal to a certain consumer base. (If you can call people who attend school and church a consumer base!) These messages are bright and illuminated, and the fact that they’re formed as you watch draws the eye. But there’s more to why people enjoy these signs so much. There’s something about them that encourages people to pause and finish the message. This is the main advantage of using scrolling marquee signs. An engaging sign like this is particularly useful for schools and churches — it’s usually making an announcement rather than trying to sell something. Of course, people often have other concerns when choosing these sorts of signs.

What Is The Value Of Signs Like These?

Here are a few simple facts about LED signs and scrolling marquee signs. Any on-site sign has the same value as 24 newspaper signs. Their value is only going to grow. By 2019, it’s believed that LED signs are estimated to penetrate the global lighting market by 53%. These signs are also environmentally friendly, which again adds to their value. Billboard messages are printed on substrates, polyethylene sheets. It’s estimated that from 2009 to 2010, the amount of recyclable substrates almost quadrupled, from one million pounds to 3.7 million pounds.