Reasons a Woman May Receive Hormone Therapy – Rochester Magazine

Enopause can also be caused due to some conditions. The symptoms mentioned above could be the primary reasons why women might need hormone therapy. You can watch the women’s wellness video on YouTube called Hormone Therapy and Alzheimer’s Disease’. This video will give you an amazing knowledge of the many benefits from hormone therapy.

Women experience menopausal changes during their lifetime at one stage or another. Menopausal symptoms do not occur suddenly. It’s gradual and slow. The production of estrogen, progesterone and other hormones decreases as women experience menopausal changes. For this to be a smooth transition, hormone therapy is required. It basically boosts the hormone levels and helps alleviate some symptoms of menopause.

There are two varieties of hormone therapy. A type of hormone therapy that can be used on its own, is estrogen therapy. It can be taken with smaller amounts and different methods. Another option is progestin therapy. It is a mixture of synthetic progesterone and estrogen. It’s recommended for patients with an female uterus. The hormone therapy is not just able to relieve the symptoms of menopause but also has several health benefits. It may reduce your likelihood of developing osteoporosis tooth loss and even the development of diabetes. The treatment method must be prescribed and recommended from a doctor. pq7blovkbc.