Proper Insulation Can Help SAve Energy Costs

The extra attention that you pay to the details when a house or commercial building is being built can pay big dividends in the end. It is important to make sure, for example, that the contractors you work with are using all of the latest available tools to make your home as energy efficient as possible. You can focus your attention on the colors of the interior walls and the carpeting selection, but if you do not pay even greater attention to spray foam insulation products, you may find yourself paying more than you should for energy to heat and to cool your home.

In a time when more and more consumers are interested in living in a home that s environmentally friendly, it should come as no surprise that there is more attention being paid to the kinds of spray foam kits that are used in both new home construction, as well as renovations to existing homes. As the nation tries to overcome some of the impressions that were made when the current administration announced that the U.S. would be leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, the fact of the matter is that some private companies are doing even more to become environmentally responsible.

With the use of spray foam kits and spray foam equipment for sale, there are a growing number of builders who are trying to build energy efficient homes, as well as commercial buildings, to erase the impression that Americans do not care about the health of the planet.

  • Approximately 56% of the energy used in homes in the United States is for heating and cooling, according to the Department of Energy.
  • HVAC employment rates are expected to rise as much as 15% between the years 2016 and 2026.
  • The total consumption of energy in the U.S. in 2016 was approximately 97.4 quadrillion (1,000 trillion) BTUs.
  • 40% of a building’s energy loss is due to poor air filtration.
  • Only behind China, the U.S. consumed the most energy in the world in 2016 at 2,272.7 million metric tons of oil.

In a time when energy costs continue to rise, it is important to make sure that you use the highest levels of insulation that is available.

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