Promote Environmental Health and Safety with Regular Street and Parking Lot Cleaning Services

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When streets, sidewalks, and parking lots are regularly cleaned and maintained, it can make a significant difference with the overall area’s environmental health and safety. Furthermore, it can also make a difference with business owners, so that they can continue to attract customers. This is because many people believe that having a clean and well-maintained exterior environment is as important as having a clean and well-maintained interior environment.

Street sweeping and parking lot cleaning services are common in urban areas that experience a significant amount of traffic. It’s important to note that when these programs are effective, several tons of debris can be removed from city streets every year.

Street sweeping services are able to remove large as well as microscopic pollutants. These services can collect and remove paper, leaves, and other debris that tends to collect in curb gutters. Since this debris can block stormwater facilities when it rains, having regular street sweeping services can aid in flood prevention.

In addition to providing a debris-free environment, street sweeping services and parking lot cleaning services minimize the amount of pollutants that impact the environment as a result of stormwater runoff. After rain and snow storms, for example, run-off pollution covers roads, bridges, parking lots, and rooftops. It also washes over and collects on other types of impermeable surfaces.

These pollutants adversely affect estuary water quality, according to the National Water Quality Inventory. Their most recent report reveals that run-off is the leading cause of the impaired water quality in the estuaries that they have surveyed.

There are a variety of pollutants that are generated in urban environments. Cars and other vehicles release oil, grease and toxic chemicals. When engaged in turf management and gardening, nutrients and pesticides can be released. When septic systems fail, viruses and bacteria enter the environment. Then there are road salts and heavy metals that have a negative impact as well.

Recent studies show that parking lot air pollution is also a cause for concern. On an annual basis, the pollution present in these areas costs a considerable amount of health and environmental damage throughout the United States. It is estimated that these costs amount to $4 billion to $20 billion on an annual basis.

When parking lot cleaning services and road sweeping services are utilized on a regular basis, it does make a positive environmental impact. It also makes a significant impact on local business, thus the economy. When you contact a parking lot sweeping service, they will be able to provide your with more addition information about their parking lot sweeping services and pricing.