Planning on Commercial Building Construction? Three Things to Discuss with Your Contractor

Commercial building construction

With over 31,429 commercial construction companies in the United States, it can be overwhelming to choose a company. If you are trying to sort through the many industrial construction companies, there are several factors to consider before you commit to one business. Here are a few things to discuss with your general contractor company before you hire them.

    1. Set a firm deadline and make sure your commercial building construction company will be able to keep it.
    Construction work takes long enough without missing deadlines. If the work isn’t done by the time you discussed with your commercial general contractor, this can cost you time and money. You may have to delay other projects if construction takes longer than anticipated. So talk to several local construction companies before you choose who to hire.

    2. Discuss the work that needs to be done, and get several estimates on the cost.
    Commercial building construction is very expensive (the industry’s annual revenue in the US is $117 billion!), and it’s best to get estimates from several companies. Some general building contractors will do the work for a lower cost. You may be anxious to start construction, but taking your time when choosing who to hire can save you a lot of money in the long run.

    3. Talk to your general contractor about how much experience they have with similar projects, and also talk to other clients.
    Although your commercial building construction company may claim to have adequate experience, check with previous clients to get their opinions. Discuss the specifics of your projects and see if this company will be able to handle the work. You can choose from big construction companies or smaller ones, but the outcome should be the same: the company is knowledgeable enough to perform a quality renovation of your commercial building.

When you talk to their other clients, make sure to ask if they were able to keep deadlines, if they exceeded the expected cost, and if they ultimately did quality work. If other clients’ answers concern you, get an estimate from another company. Don’t commit to a commercial building construction project with a new contractor until you feel comfortable. It may take some time, but with over 760,697 people employed in the commercial construction industry, you are sure to find a contractor your can trust. Read more here.