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Expedite. It is a situation that calls to mind a package moving extremely fast through the workings of a warehouse. Expedite with Amazon means faster shipping. An expediter in a restaurant means getting the food out on time. A permit expediter means securing permits for a company that is doing construction.

America works on efficiency. There are always companies trying to get a little faster or a little more effective at their jobs. Companies want to put out better products, faster, in an attempt to beat out their competition. Amazon wins in many battles because they are such a large client and can offer same day or next day shipping. These are serious issues.

Because America works on efficient, many companies put manpower into trying to get faster. There are many companies with employees whose sole job is to make a company get a little faster, to roll out the product faster, to get the services a little faster, and to make the whole company a little more efficient.

There are some statistics associated with this and with the construction industry. They are:

  • I-Codes: The International Code Council was founded in 1994 by the three regionally-based model code organizations: the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, the International Conference of Building Officials and the Southern Building Code Congress International.
  • The ICC?s updated editions every three years comprise a set of 15 integrated, topical, geographically specific model codes, including the International Building Code, the International Residential Code and the International Existing Building Code.
  • In Chicago, if an existing residential building contains three or fewer dwelling units, and does not exceed three stories in height, and is not a mixed occupancy building, a permit shall not be required for any work involving minor repairs.
  • In Chicago, it is illegal to construct a fence more than five feet in height on property containing a Chicago landmark without first obtaining a permit from the building commissioner.
  • Expediters once numbered 400; today there are more than 8,300.
  • The number of jobs filed at the Department of Buildings in fiscal year 2013 rose by 4.9% from the previous year to a total of 72,288.
  • The average time between filing a plan package and meeting with an examiner is 3.8 days.
  • The charge for securing a permit for a contractor ranges from $200 to $400; for filing a project, $1,500 to $3,500.
  • Over 98% of all privately-owned residential buildings constructed are in permit-issuing places.
  • Some building codes address indoor air quality.

That brings to mind the question: What Is a Permit Expediter? The answer to the question “What Is a Permit Expediter?” lies in the understanding of the various rules and regulations within the building and construction industry. The next paragraph attempts to the answer the question, “What Is a Permit Expediter?”

The question “What Is a Permit Expediter?” calls to mind an individual running around town with permits in his hand, giving them to people. Fortunately, permit expediters have a less physically demanding job. A permit expediter is someone who is able to get permits for building a little bit quicker.

Building permits are necessary for construction to start on a building and for renovations to occur. A permit expediter speeds up this process and can come from many locations or many income levels. This is a major or serious issue. There are some terms about this in the next paragraph.

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A permit expediter is crucial for the construction process as construction cannot start with the permit being secured. For those reasons, a company might contact a permit expediter in order to get the building permits or construction permits for the building. A person might be paid a good wage for this.

There are other important considerations that must be know. For instance, there are situations where a permit expediter might not get the permits on time. There may be issues where a permit lapses and a new permit has to be gotten. This can halt construction. There are other issues as well that are important.

Finding the right building permits are important for the general process of construction. There are many building codes and laws and regulations one must go through.