Over 15% Of Unplanned Purchases Are Caused By A Retail Display How To Appeal To New Customers

Pedestal sign holders

Customers are bombarded with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of advertisements per day. How are you making sure you stand out?

Creative retail display ideas need to constantly stay on-the-move if they’re to keep up with a whirlwind of information. They’re essential for not just guiding customers around your store, but making them want to stick around in the first place. A confused customer is a lost customer, so learning about the benefits of a clear plastic hanging sign or custom glass door signage will make a huge difference for your business’s future. Not sure where to begin? The top five tips for getting the most otu of your custom retail sign holders below will ensure you’re never wanting for fresh concepts in a crowded market.

Be Aware Of The Competition

You won’t fare very well until you’re caught up with the competition. According to data provided back in 2014, there are an estimated 30,000 SKUs launched every year. What’s an SKU, you may ask? This is a fancy acronym for the identification code used for individual products, used to help managers keep track of their inventory throughout the busy work week. Customers will be exposed to an estimated 3,000 advertisements and promotional banners every single day. Standing out means getting creative, but not so creative you miss out on some time-honored classics.

Merchandise With Signs Fare Much, Much Better

Think your work speaks for itself? Not quite. Customers want to get as much information as possible in the least amount of time possible. They have places to be, after all, and any business that makes them linger unnecessarily is already giving them a poor first impression. Full priced merchandise has been found to perform nearly 20% better with signage than without. Clear price tag sleeves are easy to customize for holiday specials and limited edition sales. These work especially well with the next tip on our list…

Encourage On-The-Spot Purchases From Your Consumer Base

Unplanned purchases are practically a field in of themselves. Although browsing online for reviews is popular, especially with customers always on-the-go, it’s estimated as many as 75% of consumers will still visit the store to shop. This is prime time to bring out your very best creative retail display ideas to get them itching for their wallet. Shoppers will make over 80% of their purchase decisions in-store and, according to a Mass Merchant Study, around 15% of unplanned purchases are due to a useful display noticed while browsing.

Shake Up Your Signs For Easy Visual Browsing

What other ways can you encourage customers to windowshop and then some? Try shaking up your creative retail display ideas. Visual unformity is one of the worst things you can do for your business, as it can come off as dry and unnatural. Brochure display racks can be set up by the door for customers to pick up once they walk in, encouraging investment right off the bat with little effort on your part. A floor sign holder can be placed strategically throughout the shop to help the eye travel and window decorations are good for both passerbys and current visitors.

Embrace The Art Of Visual Design

Marketing shouldn’t be a chore you struggle to get through. It should be a living, breathing addition alongside all the other necessary obligations that keep a business going strong. A consumer will decide whether or not to stick with a brand or competitor in a mere three to seven seconds. The most effective and creative retail display ideas communicate a lot in a short amount of time, make a customer feel welcome and do their part to help them browse. As many as six to 10 purchases in a single store can be classified as impulse and, thanks to a 2011 report, over 80% of consumers will pay more for a better experience.

What kind of creative retail display ideas will you use this year?