Office Space Solutions Why Not Having an Office Space at All Could Be the Best Solution

Rent a virtual office

Just about every sort of business demands a base of operations, an area devoted entirely to the organization of files, keeping of notes, and the productivity and success of a company on the whole. With the increasing popularity of the internet coupled with seemingly limitless business opportunities, many workers are finding it difficult to maintain such a base of operation due to regular commuting, unavailable locations, or busy schedules. Whether you are a freelance employee looking for work across the country or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch your first business, here are some office solutions.

Renting a Stationary Office

Doctors, lawyers, and other individuals will typically rent out office suites to carry out their practice. While stationary office suites are practical for some, many Americans are likely to encounter several issues with such a set-up. Aside from high rental fees and potential liability for damages, some workers may find it more practical to simply establish a home office depending on their needs — this in turn may only work well if the individual completely dedicates an area of their home to their work, so naturally many people will find this devotion of space to be cumbersome if not entirely intrusive on their home lives.

The Mobile Office

A growing trend, the mobile office offers the user the comforts of an office suite that can be placed nearly anywhere. Typically seen at dig sites, more and more businesses are utilizing recycled shipping containers for modular, portable office space. These reused shipping containers are becoming more popular and are even spreading to unorthodox businesses such as restaurants, boutiques, and more to create a unique experience for employees and customers alike. For those who frequently move around for work, the mobile office may be an ideal office solution for your work life.

The Remote, Virtual Office Space

A surprising majority of business is actually run entirely in digital space. The internet has become the world’s single largest source of commerce, information exchange, and even social interaction over the past few decades; for this reason it is no surprise to learn that many businesses do not need the employee to be physically present in order for work to continue. Virtual offices have been around since about 1994 and have only become more refined as time pushes forward. With a virtual office service, businesses no longer need to rent out office suites so long as internet access is available. This means that employees have the ability to work at home, at the coffee shop, or even on vacation (but that doesn’t mean they should)! Of 1,000 professionals surveyed, around 65% stated that they allow employees to work remotely and that 67% stated that working remotely does not negatively impact the quality of work produced. Virtual office services even offer telephone answering, mail handling, and on-demand conference room services to allow businesses to succeed in an ever-increasing corporate world. Virtual offices are ideal for the always-connected business that wants to uproot itself from the traditional office space.