Marble Slabs and Other Natural Stones Environmentally-Friendly Building Materials

Marble slabs for sale

More and more Americans are choosing sustainable products and services. When companies effectively communicate that they adhere to sustainability practices, this can make a significant impact on brand awareness and sales. Furthermore, when their products and/or services are also sustainable, this, too, can increase recognition and sales.

It’s not surprising then, that a 2017 Unilever study showed there is a $1 trillion market opportunity for brands that deliver sustainable benefits. The study also found that 33% of consumers prefer to use brands that are supportive of social or environmental causes. Chances are that these consumers conducted detailed research to determine more about these causes, particularly when they were aligned with their own.

When someone enters a company’s lobby, for example, its design is usually the first thing they notice. They may also note whether or not the building features sustainable materials or engages in other eco-friendly practices. Natural stone slabs such as marble are considered to be an environmentally-friendly building material. If natural stone is used in a hotel lobby, for instance, it can make a positive impression on visitors. According to a recent survey, 81% of travelers contend that implementing eco-friendly practices is important for properties and accommodations.

In addition to businesses, many homeowners are choosing eco-friendly building materials to construct or renovate their homes. When it comes to flooring and countertops, quite a few homeowners are opting for natural stone. The National Association of Home Builders reports that when marble flooring is properly maintained, it will usually last around 100 years.

A kitchen renovation survey found that 93% of homeowners planned to update their kitchen countertops, and most chose natural stone materials. Marble countertops are able to last a lifetime when they are properly maintained as well. In addition to marble and other types of natural stone, some homeowners may choose to have ceramic slabs as kitchen backsplashes or to create breakfast nooks.

Other types of renovations and additions include exterior hardscaping. The Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction found that this practice is on the rise. Engineered stone, for example, can be used for patios, raised plant beds, and other outdoor living spaces. Architectural stone can enhance walkways and provide unique garden focal points.

Since many homeowners enjoy being part of the design process, they may look at different types of marble slabs for sale prior to hiring someone to renovate. Marble slabs for sale are available in a variety of color palettes and patterns, so choosing these ahead of time may provide addition design ideas. Given that natural stone and marble slabs for sale are sustainable building materials, they will continue to appeal to consumers that support these efforts.