Manufacturing Warehouse Space for a Changing Business World

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The world is continuously growing, shrinking, and changing all around us. Opportunities, creativity, and innovation grow. Technology and communication allow distances and obstacles to shrink. And the way that business is conducted changes. With the rise of the Internet, business owners have the chance to create a store or service that does not need a brick and mortar building where people stop in to shop. While these physical store locations are still valuable and successful for many companies, there are numerous businesses that thrive solely online, putting money toward building the future of the company rather than worrying about the costs of keeping up with a brick and mortar business.

But these businesses still need space to manufacture, store, and prepare to distribute their products. This is where manufacturing warehouse space has seen a major boom in the recent decades.

Renting commercial real estate for industrial warehouse space

If you have had an online business for awhile, chances are you have been through a lot of changes in your growing and shifting company. Many successful businesses have origins in cramped living quarters or a tiny office space with barely affordable rent at the time. And as those websites get more traffic, and get in front of the eyes of more and more customers, the dynamics of the business operations begin to change. At some point, you are looking at determining warehouse space needs and renting a warehouse for the production, storage, and distribution of the goods that are seeing higher and higher levels of demand. While this need for expansion is in itself exciting, as it marks progress for the company, finding a warehouse to rent is not always the easiest thing to do.

You want manufacturing warehouse space that can house all of your operations, but you want it in a sensible location, and you want it to be the right size. When it comes to warehousing and distribution, you want to find a space that is large enough for everything that will be going on, perhaps with room for expansion, but you also don’t want to be paying rent for space that you aren’t using. It can feel like a fine line to balance as you attempt to find the perfect solution for your growing business.

The changing face of consumerism

It doesn’t take much pondering to figure out why manufacturing warehouse spaces are in such high demand. Over the span of less than 20 years, the amount of occupied warehouse and distribution space has skyrocketed by a significant 86.2%. This is a direct correlation with the jump in Internet accessibility and usage, particularly for online shopping. These trends, now known as ecommerce, are expected to grow at a compounded yearly average rate of 10% over the course of the next five years. There are currently around 166,900 individuals throughout the country who work in the industry of warehouse leasing and storage. For these individuals, for owners and developers, and for prospective online business owners, the projected continued growth in ecommerce will only provide more exciting opportunities.

Our world continues to change. As long as part of that change includes a growing commitment to improving the world around us, we can only expect to see bigger and better successes down the road.