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You may be working or performing activities that can cause injury. It can be difficult to decide which items to include in your IFAK in order to have protection no matter what comes your way. Our colleagues from War Pig Academy put together the following video, which will assist you to understand what must include in an IFAK as well as the reason for.

What Do You Need to Include in Your Medical Kit from IFAK
This equipment is commonly used by military personnel in trauma situations. If it is good enough to them it will provide the necessary quality for you.

Fox Eye Shield
Guard, cover, and let air reach the eye.

HyFin Chest Seal
Chest wounds that penetrate close.

Stop bleeding, secure bandages and other emergency medical gear.

Medical Tape
Use bandages that are secure, as well as other medical equipment and stop the bleeding.

Combat Gauze
Cover bandages securely, or other medical equipment, and stop bleeding.

It is then inserted into the airway when it’s been injured or blocked to ensure airway integrity.

If there are cases of compartment syndrome, swelling or other issues in the chest cavity will help to decrease pressure.

Permanent marker
Be sure to note who you’ve harmed and the things you did.