Limit Sick Days with a Professional Cleaning Service

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Have you decided it is time to have your office cleaning services outsourced? There are a number of benefits of hiring a cleaning company, and the primary one is that they are trained professionals. An outsourced cleaning service can also provide green cleaning services to ensure that they are not adding toxic cleaning solvents into your work environment.

When you use outsourced cleaning services, they will also bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment, such as vacuums, to your office. Furthermore, when you have your cleaning outsourced, they will usually come into your building or office space after everyone has gone home for the day. In this way, they do not interrupt the daily workflow.

There is more to maintaining a clean office space than vacuuming carpets, removing dust and other debris, and wiping down desks and counters. A clean office space also needs to be free of contaminants such as germs and allergens that can cause illness.

Asthma, which is a chronic disease caused in part by allergies, is often trigged by dust and other allergens in the environment. If you have employees with asthma, then you want to be sure that you create an environment that is as allergen-free as possible.

Depending on the type of work your employees do at their desk, they may be free of clutter; however they may also have up to 10 million bacteria. Furthermore, viruses such as the flu may still be present on hard surfaces such as desks and break-room tables for up to 48 hours.

Were you aware that your computer keyboards, mice, and chairs can contain up to 21,000 germs per square inch? Do your employees share phones? Even when your employees have their own private lines, these phones can also contain 25,000 germs per square inch.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 80% of all infections are spread through human contact as well as when touching contaminated surfaces. Furthermore, on an annual basis 5%-to-20% of the population contracts the flu.

How often do your employees come to work when they are clearly ill? Do they call in sick often? On an annual basis, when employees miss work, there is a 54% productivity loss and over $225 billion in financial losses for businesses in the United States.

While your employees may have contracted their illnesses outside of work, and may not know they are coming down with the flu or a cold when they come into work, those germs are still being spread. When you use an outsourced cleaning service, you can minimize the risk of spreading germs, viruses, and allergens in your work environment as well as have it looking clean and orderly as well.