Leveraging Social Media Presence to Create New Business

Ux web design

Everyone is familiar with the concept of being present on social media as a marketing plan. A full three-quarters of consumers have knowledge of and interaction with a brand online before they commit to buying, and most (7 out of 10) are much more willing to buy from a brand that has entertained them already on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Playful websites and exciting promotions are becoming the norm: building an online marketing portfolio now involves contests and sweepstakes as much as it involves creating memorable, shareable content. And although half of banking customers — almost 70 million across the country — do conduct their banking online, in-house promotions are still an effective way to reach new customers and to generate repeat business.

UX consultancy is the art of refining the user experience. Making a few adjustments can add to the comfort and trust quotient of your steady customers. Creating a warm theme for the bank utilizing wooden accents and live plants can do much more than a few promotional posters.

Customers want to feel that their bank is luxurious and exclusive. More and more banks are phasing out welcome presents in favor of higher stakes prizes: luxury vacations or even the chance to win a car.

Social media promotion completes the creative advertising consumer experience and allows you to brand yourself, opening up the possibility that more customers will utilize higher-end insurance, mortgage, and investment services.

Types of marketing strategies to enhance your online marketing portfolio can be as simple as sponsoring a live music event at your bank, or as easy as alerting the news that your employees will be participating in a 5K walk/run event. In the long run, you will attract new customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones, who will more than double their spending with your bank, according to experts.

The goal is to create a marketing mix that is far-reaching and memorable. The ux design process begins with great employees who are willing to be brand superstars in the community, continues with refined, customized, in-house customer care, and ends with a strong, creative online marketing portfolio, often with the help of a professional branding agency.