Industrial Fabrics Are the Secret Ingredient in Customer Comfort

Rf welding fabric

Fabric die cutting industrial machinery is widely used in the automotive, aerospace, furniture and industrial marketplaces. These industries have a strong demand for custom die cutting and contract sewing services for industrial fabrics. The fabrics used here provide the finishing touches to such products as airplane and automobile seating, seating in movie theaters, and upholstery for high traffic furniture in locations such as sports stadiums. As such, the fabrics contribute directly to the customer experience.

Industrial textiles contribute to customer satisfaction

Industrial sewing companies thus play an important but hidden role in user comfort. An investment in the highest quality industrial sewing services will provide returns in terms of customer satisfaction.

Surveys show that comfort ranks high on the list of customer concerns when it comes to public seating. For instance, a survey by RBC found that 24% of the 1,000 consumers surveyed said that AMC was their favorite theater chain, because of its efforts to improve customer service and comfort. While 44% of respondents didn’t have a favorite chain, those who picked AMC said they preferred theaters that improve seating and services.

And when it comes to air travel, a recent poll by TripAdvisor found that nearly a third, or 30% of Americans polled, felt that the best improvement an airplane could offer is to make seating more comfortable.

Die cutting machines for industrial fabrics

Fabric die cutting industrial services use digitized templates or CAD data to cut rolls or sheets up to 78 inches wide. They can cut a range of materials like:

  • ply fabrics
  • foam
  • laminates
  • films
  • vinyl
  • paper
  • light gauge metal screen
  • plastic sheet stock
  • knits
  • spacer fabric
  • batting
  • filter media
  • engineered mesh
  • scrims
  • felts
  • light chipboard

With a focus on consumer comfort and concern for the environment, the textile industry is constantly evolving to provide industrial textiles for the 21st century.