If You’re Looking for Safety Equipment and Trainging for Your Job Site, Certex has You Covered

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Worker injuries and illnesses are down. In 1972 almost 11% of workers were involved in some kind of injurious incident; that fell to just 3.4% in 2011. That?s great! No one wants to get hurt at work, and no one wants their employees getting hurt. That?s why Certex lifting products provide safety products and construction safety training, to keep everyone uninjured.

OSHA uses a three step process, plan, provide, and train, to prevent risky falls and save lives. If they should fall, workers who are six feet above lower levels, or higher, are at risk for severe injury or death. Employers must provide fall protection and the right equipment for the job, to protect workers, including the right kinds of safety gear, scaffolds, and ladders.

OSHA?s limit for fall or arrest distances is six feet; exceptions to the rule are limited, because a person can fall up to seven feet in two-thirds of a second without fall arrest or safety equipment to protect them. There are two major types of fall arrest: general fall arrest, like as nets; and personal fall arrest, such as web slings. When working in areas where temporary floors and scaffolding are not in use and the distance to the ground exceeds 25 feet, safety nets can be used to lessen fall exposure.

The types of slings can be endless, with single, two, three or four leg all available from Certex lifting products. A socket and clip fitting, used to attach the rope, determines the sling?s limit per load; fittings bear 75% to 100% of the weight of the rope. While historically, it was not required per OSHA 1910.184, therefore, companies didn?t require wire rope slings to have permanently affixed ID labels. This has changed since and ID labels are now mandatory. The measurements of wire rope are expressed as the number of strands x the number of wires; so a 10 x 10 rope has 10 strands and 10 individual wires.

Slings should be inspected annually for normal service ware, and between a month to three months for severe usage ware. Follow Certex lifting products? recommendations when using metallic-core wire rope slings of any grade at temperatures higher than 400 degrees F or lower than minus 40 degrees F. Metal mesh slings that are uncoated can withstand temperatures of up to 550 degrees F.

So make sure your work site is as safe as possible, with fall protection competent Certex lifting products.