I Want To Move, But I Want To Take My Tiny Home With Me Who Do I Contact?

Sometimes the road takes you somewhere unexpected. Instead of fighting against it you just go with the flow and hope for the best.

When you’re still having a hard time letting go, being able to take your home with you can be a major benefit. Motorhome transport companies are your one-stop shop for all things moving, able to take your heavy equipment, boat or tiny home along for the ride. Moving companies are equipped with both experienced movers and useful technology to make sure your belongings aren’t damaged on your way from one place to another. You can even save some money in the process, rather than biting the bullet and buying an entirely new place.

The past and future work best when they work together. Learn more about motorhome transport companies and what they can offer your next stage of life below.

Americans are moving more often lately. In fact, the past few decades have seen some of the most consistent rates of mobility yet. You have families eager to find peaceful neighborhoods to raise their children in and couples who want to customize the house of their dreams. You have individuals eager to save some money with a tiny house and yet more who aren’t sure where they want to go, only that they need to take advantage of national transport services. Wherever you stand, asking for a helping hand will make sure your equipment is taken care of every step of the way.

You’ll want to reach out to motorhome transport companies if you have boats that need hauling. Back in 2016 over 85 million American adults participated in recreational boating, with activities ranging from fishing to water skiing to traveling. The total value of recreational boats sold in the United States also reached $3 billion in that same period of time. Taking care of a boat, just like a car or a truck, is a big responsibility. The last thing you want to do is have all that hard work go to waste when moving and arrive at your new home with a damaged stern.

Let’s say you don’t need large boat transport, but you do have an RV alongside your motorhome. Should you still reach out to motorhome transport companies? The year 2017 saw over six and a half million people in the United States saying they live in a household that owns an RV, with another two and a half million people stating they plan on buying an RV soon. Moving from one place to another is easier on paper than it is in action, requiring a careful balance of experience, preparation and reaching out to the right people. With experienced movers you can shrug off some of that responsibility.

Last, but not least, you can reach out to motorhome transport companies when you just want to take your home along for the journey. According to data provided by the American Tiny House Association, over 50% of the tiny house owners surveyed have their home-on-wheels parked either in a community setting or an RV park. Another 15% have their home on land they own. Heavy equipment transportation is an invaluable resource when you find you just can’t bear leaving your house behind, providing you the means of taking your roots wherever you please without fear of damage.

Whether you’re just moving your tiny house or have a boat to take into consideration, motorhome transport companies can shoulder some of the burden. The average tiny home in the United States ranges from 100 square feet to 400 square feet, according to statistics provided by Custom Made. No matter the size or the furniture you own, there’s always the possibility you can damage your belongings on the way to your new stomping grounds. Motorhome transport companies will make sure you spend less time worrying and more time looking forward to your future.

Ready to hit the road?