I Need A New Career Field Which Jobs Are In High Demand And Pay Well?

A career with endless opportunity for growth can seem like a rare find. There are plenty of viable industries out there, sure…but how many will give you steady pay and flexible options?

Jobs that require entering confined spaces and handling dangerous materials are among some of the most in-demand today. They require extensive training and a keen mind for change, particularly in a world that’s only growing more hungry by the day. From transporting hazardous packages across the country to learning how to approach dangerous waste safely, your DOT hazardous materials training course will prepare you for a long and impressive career field. Even better?

You can take it online from the comfort of your own home. Get the bigger picture below and learn more about what a DOT training course can do to elevate your goals.

The most important part of developing a new career is understanding where the demand comes from in the first place. The United States remains a worldwide leader due to sheer volume of products received and shipped. Natural gas, asphalt, and Coca Cola are the highest weight of commodities shipped in the country, with electronics the most highly valued. The former group account for 85% by value and 85% by weight, while the latter totals $1,600 billion. In short…you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll find work.

Transportation is one specific area you might be interested in, due in no small part to its prevalence and ability to easily fit into your life. Over 95% of today’s daily hazmat shipments are done by truck, traveling across the United States’ vast transportation network day and night to keep establishments carefully stocked. The Department Of Transportation has broken hazardous cargo down into nine separate classes, all of which can be covered with a hazmat certification and driving course. With over three billion tons of hazardous materials shipped every year, these industries need all the help they can get.

Just how far does the transportation network go? Recent studies have shown nearly 11 billion tons of freight are shipped across more than 250 billion miles. These figures are unlikely to drop anytime soon, with the world ever in need of high quality products and essential materials to keep running smoothly. Texas, to date, remains the biggest oil producing state in the country. Back in 2016 they produced over 1,100 million barrels and accounted for nearly 45% of the total oil production.

Jobs that require entering confined spaces, just like any other career field dealing in dangerous situations, need a strong foundation to build off of. Your hazmat certification ensures all your bases are covered, ranging from protective gear to the unique properties of each material. When you select a driving course you’ll expand upon already existing knowledge to include the unique maintenance and day-to-day difficulties that come with operating a heavy truck. While all vehicles need to be handled responsibly, the heavy weight and difficult turning radius of the truck constantly puts you at a higher risk for an accident.

It’s not too late to switch career fields. Hazardous waste certification training online allows you the ease of learning new terminology and picking up new skills from the comfort of your home. You’ll figure out which niche suits your lifestyle best, learn which jobs that require entering confined spaces, and gain access to the tools needed to jump start a healthy and vibrant career field. The majority of hazmat workers complete up to 40 hours of training mandated by OSHA, some of whom are also required to have a state specific license. By the time 2016 arrived hazardous material removal workers made an annual salary of $40,000.

From jobs that require entering confined spaces to shipping hazmat materials, there is a nearly endless possibility for growth just waiting for your unique perspective.