Human Error Why Your Business Needs Automated Security Systems

Choosing a security system

People who have never worked with any kind of commercial security product usually don’t understand that there are a lot of options out there to choose from. From internal security to external security to access control systems to fire protection, CCTV camera solutions and more, the options are numerous. And some businesses will require just one of these protections while others will require many of the above.
Yet no matter what kind of commercial security systems you choose, there’s one flaw in your system that you almost can’t ever prevent: the flaw of human error. In fact, every year, police departments across the country respond to as many as 38 million alarm activations, with 94% to 98% of these activations being only false alarms. And each of these false alarms take a minimum of 20 minutes and two police officers, wasting company time and resources.
Then, there are flaws created by human mischief. Sometimes, PIN codes that are used for access control can be forgotten or shared with untrustworthy, seedy characters. Overall, 34.5% of inventory shrink is caused by employee theft, which nearly equates to the 38% caused by shoplifting.

So what’s the solution to human error?
Luckily, the solution to preventing human error that ruins security measures is actually pretty simple: use automated systems. Automated systems eliminate the negative prospect of human error, ensuring that both your business security system and your company is working the way it needs to, protecting your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Due to the rapid pace of technological evolution, security access control systems are now automated, which better protects you from both internal and external threats. This not only lets you focus on your actual business operations, but it will protect you from outside theft from unauthorized persons.