How to Save Money On Sleep Apnea Treatments

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Before making an important decision, people are often told to sleep on it before coming to a final conclusion. Unfortunately, people with sleep apnea often do not have that luxury.

There’s a reason why people suggest sleeping on an important decision; sleep is vital to your cognitive function. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to concentrate when you haven’t had a full night of rest? Sleep is healing, not only physically but mentally as well. However, those who suffer from sleep apnea are often unable to get the amount of sleep they need and often face a whole host of side effects and health risks as a result.

Sleep apnea is considered potentially dangerous medical condition in which one’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts while sleeping. These pauses in breathing, referred to as apneas, can last a split second or two or last for several moments on end. In severe cases, they can happen up to 60 times in one hour alone.

Many people are surprised to find that sleep apnea sufferers face many potentially fatal health complications. For example, sleep apnea sufferers have a three times higher risk of heart disease and a four times higher risk of stroke than those who do not suffer from it, especially if left untreated.

While there are plenty of highly effective sleep apnea treatments, such as BIPAP masks, CPAP masks — which are fitted to BIPAP and CPAP machines , nasal pillows, and BIPAP and CPAP machines. However, while many insurance companies cover the cost of these treatments, they are certain criteria that has to be met in order for this to happen. Paying out of pocket for these devices can be expensive, however, used CPAP machines are an affordable alternative. Used CPAP machines cost significantly less than new ones but are no less effective.