How to Optimize Your Ventallation System With Fantech Exhaust Fans

Attic exhaust fan

Having a functional ventilation system in your home not only helps distribute heat and air conditioning evenly throughout the home, but the right exhaust fan can also help cut down on your bills. Roof-mounted utility fans are typically used where high-static pressure losses occur. Whenever you need to replace your home fans, consider using Fantech exhaust fans for a superior, quality product.

Most of your home’s or business’ energy losses can be avoided by changing your habits in the home or business. For example, by increasing the cooling temperature by as little as three degrees you can cut air conditioning costs by 12 to 15%. Installing a ventilation control system with duct fans can have a reduced cost from 30 to 50% in your home or business. By installing energy-efficient fan motors on a small two-fan freezer can save nearly $200 per fan every year. By making these changes and setting new heating and cooling habits, you’re sure to have a circulation of air that beats out any hot air blower alone.

Maintenance and Installation
In order to ensure that your system is operating efficiently, you must regularly service your systems. A restaurant exhaust system ought to be cleaned once every three months, sometimes this must be even more frequent depending on the restaurant. The number of fans needed for bathrooms can be figured by taking the volume of the room and dividing that number by five, although bathrooms over eight feet tall likely require additional ventilation. Many hospitals rely on Fantech exhaust fans because of the high-speed laminar fans which can continuously circulate air for up to 300 times per hour. No matter whether it is in the home or the business: having an ideal ventilation system can save you time and money with the properly installed fans.