How to Make Pet Safe Weed Killer

Prior to looking at ways to make this herbicide, we will look into what lemon oil is.

Concentrated lemon juice is referred to as “lemon oil”. The concentrate is made by the juice from the peel of the lemon. It can be boiled down into the concentrated form. The concentrate can be used for many purposes, among them to eliminate herbicides.

The oil is available at most grocery stores and online. It is recommended to purchase only authentic lemon oil. Certain lemon oils state that they are pur.

How It’s Made:

In order to make this weedkiller it is necessary to use one cup of lemon oil and one gallon of water. Mix the two ingredients in a bucket large enough to then transfer the mixture to an air-tight sprayer. Be sure to shake the mixture well before each use.

You are now ready to spray lemon oil weed killer onto your plants. The solution will have to be applied every couple of days or after it rains. This weed killer is most efficient on weeds with small amounts that are only beginning to take shape.

As it’s not toxic, lemon oil can be used to get rid of weeds within pets. It isn’t harmful to your topsoil, and it can be used against various types of species of weeds. This is a case of certain varieties of grass weeds, broadleaf and broadleaf as well as some varieties of vines.

4. Corn Gluten Meal

The corn gluten meal can be described as a healthy weed killer that is completely safe for pets as well as human beings. It’s created from dried gluten that is left over after grinding corn. The gluten is transformed into a powder, and can be used as a weed killer.

The process used to make it:

Corn gluten meal functions by preventing the weed seeds from growing. The weed therefore isn’t able to spread and take over your garden. Corn gluten meal is most effective when applied in early spring before seeds of weeds are able to develop. But, since the weed killer is effective in preventing the germination process, it may not be effective for weeds that are already in place.

Corn gluten meal