How to Keep Pharmaceutical Consumers Safe and Save Money

Pharma serialisation

For many pharmaceutical manufacturers, e pedigree serialization sounds like a dream come true. A simple way to track and trace pharmaceutical products on their way from manufacturer to distributor to retail stores, preventing contamination and counterfeiting along the way. With safer products, the company’s reputation improves and sales increase, all because of a change in packaging services. Of course, e pedigree serialization is not without its challenges.

One of the biggest obstacles manufacturers and distributors need to overcome to successfully implement e pedigree serialization is decreased efficiency. When first beginning a serialization program, products may get held up while they are labeled or inspected, causing a bottleneck and delaying delivery to the next step on the supply chain. Each stop will need to find a way to combat this delay as it relates to the size of their operation and amount of time constraints that they are placed under.

Another issue that may cause delays due to the serialization program is the stress placed on the company’s network. Whether it is because of the sheer volume of data that needs to be recorded or because of a problem that needs to be fixing, networks can become strained by the overload. This, in turn, causes companies to spend more money on IT Support so that the system can continue to run smoothly.

While these problems may seem prohibitive to the implementation of e pedigree serialization, they are relatively easy to overcome, and the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. By working to create an efficient labeling and scanning system, manufacturers and distributors can prevent bottle necking and network overload.

Currently, the only state with state-wide serialization requirements is California, though experts predict the Food and Drug Administration will enact a nationwide law in the near future. With increased consumer safety and billions of dollars saved by preventing counterfeiting, e pedigree serialization is sure to become a staple of the pharmaceutical industry.