How to Increase Sales and Enhance Your Customers’ Experience With Creative Product Display Ideas

Does your interior or exterior store signage need an upgrade? There are so many creative retail display ideas available that you may have been considering this. If you haven’t changed your interior or exterior signs for some time, there are quite a few contemporary glass signs and signage that can make a difference. Not only will you increase your chances of maintaining your current client base, you will also potentially increase your chances of attracting new customers.

Studies have been conducted that reveal how signs can be effective. One of these studies was conducted by Brigham Young University. The university’s findings indicated that merchandise with signs outsold merchandise without them by 20%. A 2014 Mass Merchant Study also provided some intriguing findings regarding unplanned purchases, or impulse buys. According to the results, when consumers were attracted to a display, they made 16% more impulse buys.

As you are most-likely aware, there are thousands of new SKUs launched every year. As recently as 2014, for example, this amounted to 30,000 per year. Since roughly six to ten purchases are impulse buys, this underlines the importance of becoming more familiar with unique product display ideas for your store. This is particularly the case when your business consistently has new products on its shelves along with your existing best-sellers.

When you consider the fact that consumers are exposed to a considerable amount of ads and other types of promotional materials on a daily basis, having high-quality store signage can make a significant impact on sales. Since you’re in business to succeed, it’s likely that you engage in comparative price analyses on a regular basis. When you compare the costs of reaching 1,000 adults over the course of a year with signs versus 30-second commercials, there’s a distinct price differential. While it costs somewhere between $4.05 to $7.75 to attract 1,000 customers with a 30-second commercial, it just costs between $.03 to $.37 to do so with a sign.

Once you contact a representative to learn more about available signs and display racks, you can ask about their product display ideas. While you may offer ongoing or seasonally-discounted items or sales, having just the right signage can also assist you with selling your full-priced merchandise. As you consider your product display ideas, you may be interested to learn that recent reports show that your full-priced merchandise sales may increase by18% when accompanied by effective signs. This, too, can assist you with expanding your business because you’ll be enhancing your customers’ experience with helpful signage to direct them through your store.