How Much Does an Asphalt Driveway Cost Per Square Foot?

Asphalt driveways

There’s a simple reason 90% of the parking lots in the United States are paved with asphalt. It’s the same reason 94% of America’s 2.6 million miles of road are paved with asphalt as well. It’s all about the money. Because even though your new asphalt driveway probably won’t last as long as your neighbor’s concrete one, it will cost you less. So how much will it cost to pave a new asphalt driveway? Obviously, that depends on the specific contractor you hire, but we can provide a basic range.

In general, contractors building asphalt driveways charge anywhere from $2 to $5 per square foot. You can compare that with the $4 to $7 the same project would cost if you used concrete instead. We should note, if you want a stamped or pressed asphalt driveway, then you could end up paying more, although the same is true about colored, stamped, or pressed concrete as well.

But there’s another important way asphalt driveways can save you money. Although concrete can often last longer, it’s also much more difficult to repair. And if you live in a particularly cold climate with long, icy winters, then your driveway will probably start showing signs of wear and tear after a few seasons. But while concrete driveway repair usually requires professional concrete contractors, asphalt damage is much easier to repair.

So how much would a new asphalt driveway cost overall? The average two-car driveway is 18 feet wide. If you figure for a 30 foot long driveway, then that would work out to anywhere from $1,080 to about $2,500. However, don’t forget that you’ll need to have your asphalt driveway resealed every few years.

If that still sounds like too much for your budget, then look for asphalt driveway contractors in your area offering discounts. Many asphalt driveway contractors offer seasonal discounts or senior discounts, so look for coupons or special promotions to make sure you’re really getting the best deal for your money.