How Fire Protection Engineering Companies Can Be the Real Heroes

Commercial fire sprinkler systems

One of the biggest threats to our everyday way of life is also one of the oldest threats: fire. As our societies have evolved, we have become more advanced and more capable of preventing, controlling, and putting out fires, but there are also many more systems in place that can make a building vulnerable to fire. Where once it may have been lightning and dry conditions that could have sparked a destructive flame to flee, there are now many man-made potential hazards as well. Unattended cigarettes or stoves, faulty electrical wiring, overloaded circuits, flammable liquids and other materials too close to heat sources. This is why fire protection engineering companies are so important.

Safeguarding your business with help from fire protection engineering companies
Commercial fire alarm systems are crucial components of a successful business. While they are hopefully out of sight and out of mind most of the time due to the lack of fire, there is a definite peace of mind that you and others in the building will be alerted should the unfortunate case of a fire occur. This peace of mind is also the reason that regular fire alarm inspections should be scheduled, to ensure that the alarm systems would do the job they are meant to, should a fire break out. Quietly working behind the scenes of your typical day, the alarm systems designed by fire protection engineering companies are the systems that save lives and often valuable company property as well.

Preparing for the worst will help achieve the best

Buildings and businesses have fire codes and evacuation plans for a reason. If you are starting a business, or moving your company to a new location, one of your first and highest priorities should include a thorough inspection of the fire alert systems, and if necessary, a revamping of the entire system, beginning with the proper
fire alarm installations
. While this may seem like common sense, there are plenty of businesses that have not made fire safety a priority. Of 119 surveyed businesses, only 35% of them had any sort of fire evacuation plan set in place. These are crucial to the safety of the employees and other individuals on the premises.

The vital role of fire protection engineering companies

Each and every year, fires in motels and hotels cause about 15 deaths, around 150 injuries, and $76 million in property loss. Perhaps more than any other type of facility, it is crucial that these buildings have prominently posted and easily accessible fire evacuation plans as well as properly functioning alarms, as there is a constant turnover of fresh faces and people who are not necessarily familiar with the layout of the building. The companies responsible for engineering, designing and implementing fire protection devices and services not only save countless lives but also help to preserve data that often serves as the very core of a company.

In fact, worldwide, the money that is spent on data centers totals approximately $149 billion in one year. The protection of these centers, particularly from fire, is crucial to keeping the businesses themselves, along with vital organizational information, on track. Those companies that keep their fire alarm systems in proper working order stand a better chance of recovering and protecting important data in the case of a fire breaking out.

The threat of fire is nothing new. We continue to develop as a species and as societies, and as we become more and more advanced, we can continue to learn to build the proper defenses against disasters such as fire. But companies need to take the necessary steps in order to safeguard against such occurrences. If they do not take advantage of the fire alarm and prevention systems available, they will likely pay a price higher than is worth not investing in the proper preventative measures.