How Exterior Design Can Help You Win Over Customers

Lamp posts

Cat cafes are coming to the U.S. Coffee shops with cats freely roaming the interiors and cuddling up next to patrons are a big hit in Japan, and now U.S. cities are experimenting with the same premise. “Cat lovers and the cat-curious enjoy complimentary ‘cat’achino’ cappuccinos, talk cat health, and learn about cat adoption with 16 cuddly cats,” CNN says of a cat cafe in New York City.

You do not have to go to these extremes to attract more customers, however. You can rise above your competition by focusing on the one thing business and establishment owners often neglect: exterior design. What are some simple secrets to creating a compelling exterior?

Don’t Start With a Blank Canvas

Rich, bold colors are in. Even so, most buildings you see are likely to play it safe — with white, off-white, gray, tan, and other, neutral exteriors. Stand out by painting exteriors bold, bright colors. “The trend toward more varied exterior colors has become increasingly prevalent in the residential space,” paint experts Dunn-Edwards explains. “And commercial buildings, in an effort to stand out from the competition and be more appealing to customers, are quickly following suit, moving from monochromatic and white palettes to a rainbow of color infusion.” Sage greens, coffee-colored exterior walls, and even golds, reds, and yellows are popular choices.

Spruce It Up With the Right Accents and Details

Complement bold exterior color with delicate and/or elegant details. Outdoor commercial lighting fixtures and accents, including vintage outdoor lighting fixtures, antique lamp posts, outdoor street clocks, and pedestal clocks, can easily bring everything together. Lamp posts offer elegance and practicality, lighting up walkways and parking lots to keep patrons safe.

Draw in more customers and patrons — and do it with some relatively simple adjustments or fixes. Paint exteriors bold colors and place outdoor street clocks and lighting to bring everything together.