How Drive Over Grain Conveyors Work – Work Flow Management

Although ment may not be a priority for farmers, new technology can boost efficiency and help make it a worthwhile cost. An example is conveyers that drive grain.

Farmers usually harvest grain out of the fields and move it into large containers. It is an efficient way to transport the grain, but it also makes it more difficult to complete. Since farmers need to have access to at least as many empty trailers as is possible during harvest getting the grain out of the trailers as quickly as possible is crucial.

The drive-over grain conveyors can efficiently empty trailers into grain storage bins. All you have to do is push the conveyer, and then let go of grains onto the conveyor. The grain will be quickly siphoned into grain storage bins. This process can be done in a way that your crew may be capable of hauling the same amount of grain with fewer trucks once you get these conveyors.

For more information on the benefits of drive-over grain conveyors go to the video below or contact the agricultural equipment manufacturers in your area. c1sjec7jvx.