How Does Radon Mitigation Work? – Family Dinners


Your house draws in radon since warm air rises. it draws more air below. Radon is part of that additional air.

Specially designed systems that can vacuum the house and clear it of radon. Suction points are made through the flooring to permit greater airflow. Pipes are installed to be sealed and sealed order to remove any excess air from the home.

There are a variety of suction points to be utilized in your home. The majority of them are located at the bottom of your basement. They usually take the air from the home through the garage eventually in the attic to where the air is released. If you choose to utilize a sump site as an area, it is possible to have the top sealed in order to maintain conditioned air so you don’t have more cost-intensive utility bills.

It’s a good idea to have your radon mitigation professional to insulate your pipes, particularly for those who live in an area that experiences colder winters. Insulate pipes to prevent them from freezing or condensation from forming. This could lead to dangerous mold, mildew and others.

For additional information about the process of radon suction fan, watch the video above. This video will help you understand how radon gets out of the attic. The rain isn’t allowed to cause damage to the system.