How Do Auto Shops Estimate Hail Damage Repair? – Blog Author

torm and you are looking for hail damage repair on your car, it’s important to understand how they will give you an estimate for this. What is their method of calculating the price of your damage? This is essential because it will help you to determine whether the service is charging the right price.

Jack discusses how he rates hail damage repair costs for vehicles that visit his workshop. It’s first important to make sure there’s a bright, direct beam of light shining over the vehicle, to see any hail damage. Then, he circles the vehicle with a washable marker to identify all the dents. This ensures he finds all of the dents and determines the size they are, and also where the center of each can be. Prices are determined by the extent of damage as well with the quantity of dents. The bigger the number of dents there are, the higher cost for repair. If you’ve got any doubts about what the auto body repair shop will charge you, you can ask them to walk you through their thinking process and coming up with an estimate.