How An Early Warning Detection System Can Reduce Loss Of Life To Fire By 50%

Fire sprinkler inspections

Is your establishment safe from the risk of fire?

Don’t be so sure. The risk of fire is an omnipresent one no matter where you work, one that can overturn your entire business and even put lives at risk. Commercial fire protection services are designed not to outright eliminate the possibility, but reduce it as much as possible so everyone can stay as safe. If you haven’t checked your fire alarm lately or aren’t sure about more updated protocol in response to a fire, it’s time to be proactive and do whatever is necessary to make sure your building is properly covered.

What Causes The Majority Of Fires?

A fire needs very little to go out of control. It’s your duty as a responsible businessowner or manager to make sure you don’t give an open flame extra incentive. Dry (and sometimes wet) chemical systems in the area of a fire operated in over 80% of reported structure fires large enough to active nearby equipment. Electrical malfunction also accounted for nearly 20% of non-confined fires in hospitals between 2004 and 2006. Additional factors that can make a fire more likely are poor ventilation and a lack of fire safety awareness.

Which Businesses Are At The Highest Risk For Fire?

Statistics give us a better idea as to the patterns that undercut these disasters, allowing us to better prepare for what’s to come. Fires in warehouse properties have actually declined over the past 30 years due to increasing awareness, putting them lower on the list than even hotels and motels. The latter cause an estimated 15 deaths and 150 injuries every year. The four property classes that account for around half of all high-rise fires include apartments, medical facilities, offices and hotel environments.

What About Data Centers?

A fire alarm monitoring system is essential to alert everyone in the vicinity before it’s too late. Small data centers are particularly susceptible to fire due to the accumulation of sensitive technology in a closed space. Those that are located below 2,500 feet are required to have an EWFD (or Early Warning Fire Detection) in place. This gives all personnel additional time to get to safety as fire protection services arrive. The combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning detection systems can reduce loss of life, personal injury and property damage by 50%.

What Is A Fire Escape Plan?

All businesses and establishments need to have an updated fire escape plan in place alongside their fire alarm monitoring systems. These are designed specifically to compliment your building so patients, visitors and customers can easily navigate despite reduced familiarity. Make sure to have this plan somewhere that’s easy to view and in multiple languages, all the more to make sure everyone is kept safe should worst come to worst. Pairing these with routine fire alarm inspection and fire alarm monitoring will help you stay ahead of the curve. Fire protection services can provide a check-up and offer advice with just a call.

Should I Call A Fire Protection Service This Year?

Countless lives can be saved every year when you take extra care to make sure your fire alarm is working properly. Fire alarms need to be able to alert everyone in the building as well as outside. Blinking lights are an addition that ensure deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can be prepared, too. Fire alarm repair can fix faulty wires or damaged speakers that prevent the technology from working to the best of its ability. Whether or not your business is in the list of high-risk locations, taking a proactive attitude will go a long way in staving off the possibility of a fire.

Request fire alarm monitoring services as soon as possible and make high-rise fires a fear that’s distant at best.