How Advertising and Marketing Agencies Juggle Traditional And Online Marketing

Website internet marketing

In 2011, $6.4 billion was spent worldwide on advertising. This includes both traditional advertising and online advertising, which is gaining ground among companies that have smaller customer bases and more worldwide ones. Today’s advertising and marketing agencies are heavily invested in online marketing, primarily because their clients are having difficulty reaching their intended markets but additionally because online marketing is no longer a recommendation but a requirement to compete.

Today’s advertising and marketing agencies spent much of their time working toward improving clients’ online capabilities. This includes enhancing their websites using specific tools and optimizing those sites, and it additionally includes working on their social media pages. More than three quarters of the world’s search engine population will choose natural results rather than paid ones today, making optimization key. Similarly, 41 percent of business to consumer companies have gotten clients through Facebook, while 20 percent of Facebook users have bought something after reading about it through a friend recommending it on the site or after seeing an advertisement for it on the site. An Internet marketing agency can help to capture these audiences in both places.

Today’s advertising and marketing agencies handle both local online marketing solutions for customers and worldwide ones, ensuring all parties are covered. Through an online marketing agency, companies can utilize pay per click advertising, which is much less expensive per conversion than other advertising forms like television, print, and radio. They too could broaden their online profiles using the aforementioned services.