Household Donations and How They Help

Charity clothing donations

What can you donate? If you want to give back to your community, help keep charitable organizations afloat, clean out your closet and junk drawers, or are interested in helping military families, consider household donations and clothes donations that could be worth a lot.

How Do Household Donations Help?

Nearly 100% of all textiles and clothes from your home can be recycled. It doesn’t matter what condition they’re in: someone can use them, or they can shredded and used for other things, like providing inexpensive stuffing for furniture. Some clothes go directly to helping families in need in your area. Some household donations are sold at prices the poor can afford, and the proceeds go to fund donations to those who in even greater need.

Are There Any Other Reasons to Make Donations?

Every year, Americans are sending more than 10 million tons of clothing and household textiles to sit in landfills. Only 15% of the clothing in the United States gets donated or recycled. This is a huge waste, not only taking up landfill space, but also releasing greenhouse gases as the items decompose.

What About Tax Write-Offs?

Your household donations and used clothing donations can be written off on taxes. A man’s overcoat or a used suit is worth around $60. A coffee maker can be worth between $4 and $15 depending on condition and age. Just remember that any single donation worth more than $250 will require a receipt if you want to make a tax write off. If you make any single donation worth more than $500 the IRS will want a qualified appraisal submitted with your tax return.

What Kinds of Goods Can I Donate?

Perhaps the most obvious thing is clothing and blankets, and many charities will be happy to pick up clothing donations. Other household donations that are useful include appliances that still work, kitchenware of all types, or electronics like old TVs, computers, or DVD players. Toys are also very welcome, as are books, tools, pots and pans, and home furniture. Exercise equipment and sports equipment are also useful.

How Can I Find Where to Donate Household Items?

There are donation centers located throughout most cities and towns in America. Most charities have phone numbers or websites where you can easily find out their closest drop-off spot to you. Many charities are also happy to arrange for a pick-up right at your home, particularly if you have a lot of things you want to donate.

Charitable clothing donations and household donations go a long way to supporting people in need, military families, and the charities that support all of us in our moments of greatest need. If you have clothes, shoes, household goods, or anything else to donate, call a charity near you today and find out how to bless others as you’ve been blessed.