Hotel Safety Tips Every Owner Should Know

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Every hotel manager wants their facilities to be safe. In the age of social media, all it takes is one bad review to spiral out of control. Ensure that guests are always safe at your hotel by following a few simple tips. It’s understandable to feel confused at how to update your hotel, especially if you are new to this industry. There are four classes of property that make up for 50% of all high rise fires. These high risk properties include hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and apartments. In this post, you will learn five ways to increase the safety of your hotel.

  1. Ensure All Alarms Work Properly

    Fire alarm services will check your hotel to ensure alarms are in working order. One study finds that hotel and motel fires lead to 15 deaths and 150 injuries each year. A fire can wreak havoc on property that no one wants to deal with. The damage caused by building fires can spread quickly. You will want to ensure you have the right types of fire protection services called out to your hotel. Look for a company that includes fire alarm services to keep your hotel safe.
  2. Have an Emergency Evacuation Plan in Place

    You always want to prepare for the worst case scenario. Your guests will feel more at ease knowing you have an evacuation plan in place. It’s best to have emergency numbers clearly listed for all hotel staff to learn. Having staff that knows local emergency numbers means no hesitation should an emergency occur. Utilizing local fire alarm services will help to reduce the chance of fire causing an evacuation.
  3. Implement Entrance Protection for Outside Doors

    You want your guests to feel like they are at home while staying at your hotel. However, you don’t want to have such open access that anyone can enter your building. It’s best to have a form of entry protection setup for all facility doors. You don’t have to keep guests locked out after hours. Include a key card that enables guests to enter and exit freely. It’s important to make sure only those with key cards are able to enter your facility, especially after operating hours have passed.
  4. Staff Need to Have Identification Information

    It’s not wise to have guests confused as to who your employees are. You will need to ensure all staff have uniforms and identifying name tags. It’s best to include print where guests are easily able to identify who they are speaking with. Every guest should immediately know who works for you and who does not. Keeping staff identifiable reduces the chance that anyone can pose as a worker.
  5. Place Safety Handout in Every Hotel Room

    In some cases, guests simply want to get to their room right away. You don’t want to overload guests with safety information that they will soon forget. It’s best to have safety information clearly labeled and placed in every hotel room. You don’t want to have guests all running to the front desk should disaster strike. Having safety handouts in every hotel room lets guests know you are about their safety.

In closing, there are several safety tips every hotel owner should implement. You will definitely want to have all fire alarms in your hotel working properly. Fire alarm services will help ensure your hotel is safe from dangerous fires. One study finds that hotel and motel fires make up for $76 million in lost property. You will need to have evacuation information for all employees and guests. Every hotel should have a proper plan to evacuate the premises in case of emergency. Keep outer doors protected by a sort of key card entry system. Guests will benefit from knowing staff members are easy to identify. Ensure that a copy of safety handouts are located in every hotel room. Following the previously mentioned five tips will keep your hotel safe and secure. Continue your research here.