Hoping to Start a Rewarding Sales Career? Use These 4 Tips to Get Started

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A career in sales can prove to be highly rewarding for the right person. Not only do certain sales jobs provide huge earning potential, but the thrill of making a big sale provides an emotional surge that many people thrive on. However, getting a sales position is not always easy, and competing with the 22 million sales professionals currently working in North America can be tough, especially if you are just out of college and looking for your first real job. Since just earning an interview, let alone getting hired, can be so difficult, use a few helpful tips to set yourself apart and get a leg up on the competition.

Evaluate Options

Though you probably won’t get your dream job when you first enter the job market, a successful career in sales can depend on where you work. While it can be tempting to send out an application to every business hiring sales people, especially if you’re broke, finding the right position should always be a priority. Working for the right company can help springboard your career and lead to long-term success.

Customize Cover Letters and Resumes

If you need to send out lots of materials to different companies, then taking the time to write custom cover letters and constantly tweak your resume can be quite cumbersome. However, hiring managers can often tell right away whether they are reading a thoughtful cover letter or one written from a template. That could make the difference between getting an elusive interview and having your resume get overlooked.

Be Patient

Just because one specific company doesn’t call you back for an interview or hire you, it doesn’t mean you are never going to get a job. Being patient is always important in the job search process, especially if you want a fruitful career in sales. At some point, if bills are starting to pile up or your parents want you out of their basement, you might have to settle. However, waiting for the right opportunity is smart if possible.

Get Help

Some 80% of all sales jobs are never listed, despite the fact that social media and career websites make it so easy for employers. In order to find those jobs, and possibly hop on the fast-track to getting hired, you should think about working with recruiting firms. They can be a great resource if you’re having trouble getting your career started.

Entering the job market and looking for a new career can be exciting, especially after college. However, it can also be quite difficult and there are lots of obstacles to getting hired. Using these and other useful tips can help give you the edge to find an awesome job and launch your career.