Heavy loads are no sweat for companies specializing in lifting and rigging

Chain slings

We’ve all gazed skyward as a crane hoists a steel beam at a construction site. Similarly, cargo is hoisted at shipyards, and parts are lifted onto oil rigs. The equipment used to move these loads are carefully constructed and selected with two things in mind: proper size for the load and safety. As important as it is to complete work on time and on budget, safety is a company’s number one priority at the work site. Fortunately, there are companies whose business it is to both help get the heavy lifting done and to make worker safety a priority. From advising and supplying the right lifting and rigging equipment for the job through the safety equipment and training for workers, these companies are the backbone of industry.
Web slings safely carry the load
A lot goes in to manufacturing the lifting gear workers count on for heavy loads and dangerous work, and that begins with the raw materials. Whether the sling is endless, single, two, three or four leg, it is comprised of the highest quality nylon or polyester. Though designed to keep out oil, grease and other chemicals that could compromise the integrity, it is good safety practice to inspect slings monthly to quarterly in high use situations and at least yearly for normal service use.
Wire rope slings meet industrial demands
Wire rope is used extensively in the industrial lifting industry. Wire rope is manufactured and sold in number of strands x the number of wires. For example, 6 x 25 rope has six strands and 25 individual wires. For safety, OSHA now requires that rope slings come with permanently affixed tabs and labels, but a company specializing in lifting and rigging equipment can assist in matching up lifting needs with the properly sized equipment. Caution should be used and the manufacturer should be consulted if attempting to use wire rope in temperatures above 400 degrees F or less than minus 40 degrees below 0.
Metal mesh for abrasive loads
Galvanized high-tensile steel wire mesh slings are used when loads themselves are abrasive and could compromise the integrity by cutting or wearing away at nylon/polyester web slings. Additionally, mesh slings can withstand temperatures up to 550 degrees F.
Worker safety is paramount
No matter what the job or the deadline, worker safety is paramount. A top company who sells safety equipment such as harnesses and fall arresters should also be focused on training. Training is often offered in a state-of-the art facility where classes include hands-on learning with equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers. Trainers should have in field and industrial experience. Companies that offer job site training are ideal.
Whether you have routine heavy lifting to do that requires rigging and web slings or you’ve got a unique one-time assignment that requires specialized and custom-made equipment, companies that specialize in this type of equipment and training can help. It is awe-inspiring to watch this kind of work, and the right equipment for the job makes it safe.