Have You Discovered Environmentally Friendly Office Cleaning Yet?

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Your job could be making you sick. Literally. Workplaces, like schools, are some of the most germ-infested places you might encounter. From desktops to lunch rooms, when no one has the responsibility for keeping the place clean, things tend to slide, the junk accumulates and it goes downhill from there. Business owners and managers recognize this problem and have started investing in regular cleaning by a commercial cleaning company. Green cleaning adds another dimension of health to the workplace, using products without harmful and toxic chemicals.

Is your desk making you ill?
Believe it or not, office desks are some of the most germ-ridden places you’ll see. It’s been estimated that there are over 10 million bacteria on an office desk on average. And the keyboard alone accounts for 7,500 organisms. Germs can live and thrive on dry surfaces like toy and desks for up to three hours, and on moist surfaces like bathroom surfaces for up to three days.
Office desks and rarely get wiped down, even before or after meals. It’s no wonder that offices, like schools, are just a merry go round of infections. The common cold alone accounts for the loss of around 60 million schooldays and 50 million workdays each year. You wonder how anyone gets any work done. And joking apart, workplace related health problems are a big concern.

Business cleaning services for a healthier workplace
Business owners and managers recognize the problem. On a national scale, health related work losses add up to around $260 billion a year. Apart from the loss due to absenteeism, there are the productivity losses due to what’s been called ?presenteeism,? when people do show up for work but can’t perform at their best due to illness.
And yet there’s a simple solution to the problem. Just scheduling a regular cleaning routine by a professional cleaning service can dramatically reduce illness, absenteeism and the dreaded presenteeism as well. Regular commercial office cleaning means a healthier and happier workforce, which translates to higher productivity.

Environmentally friendly office cleaning services
Even better than regular cleaning services are green office cleaning services. A commercial cleaning company that uses eco friendly cleaning supplies leaves your office clean and healthy, without any if the harmful chemical residues and fumes associated with regular cleaning products. Green and eco friendly products are better for people, pets and the environment.
Best of all, when scheduling regular cleaning services, you don’t have to account for time lost during the workday. Most office cleaning companies work the second or third shifts, when there’s no one round. That way, the workday schedule is not disturbed.

A cleaner office is a healthier office, as many businesses owners and managers are discovering. Hiring a commercial cleaning company that uses green products makes it a safer workplace as well, free of harmful chemical residues and fumes.