Grocery Shopping or Label Shopping? What You’re Really Looking For at the Grocery Store

In mold labeling

Imagine you are at the grocery store. You’re walking along, pushing your cart, trying to collect all of the items on your list as quickly as possible. While you’re searching the aisles for each individual item, have you ever thought about what really helps you find what you’re looking for? Think about how difficult it would be to find your favorite products if they all looked exactly the same. The unique labeling and packaging of products is what really makes them stand out. While the logo on each label is unique to the product, they all come from just a few different types of commercial labels. So what are the different kinds of labels you see>

  1. Shrink Sleeve Labels – A shrink sleeve label is constructed out of a special material that shrinks when heat is applied to it. This gives the label a perfect, snug fit around the product and allows the label to take the shape of the product.
  2. Cut and Stack Labels – After they are printed, cut and stack labels are cut into their desired shape and then stacked. Wonder where the name came from? After being stacked, these labels are usually sent to a packer, or the client, to be glued onto individual products.
  3. In Mold Labeling – An in mold label is one that is fused to the container during the labeling process, eliminating the need to decorate the product afterwards. Essentially, the label and product are one in the same. Think about a foam coffee cup with a logo printed on it.
  4. Pressure Sensitive Labels – Pressure sensitive labels are printed on a material that has a self-adhesive backing. After the labels are printed and cut, they can be applied to the product with a light amount of pressure.

These different types of labels can be customized for all sorts of products, and can help a business stand apart from competitors. Next time your at the grocery store, you won’t be able to help noticing all the different labels out there!
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