Got A Pothole Or Crack In Your Driveway? It’s Time To Call Concrete Repair Services

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Show that hole in your driveway who’s boss! Parking over the same infuriating cracks and bumps day in and day out can take a toll on your tires and your patience, but who do you call for a repair job? Asphalt driveway repair is a service offered in most cities through concrete contractors, available for both commercial businesses and your average residence. While it can be tempting to put off sinking a few hundred dollars into repair, the money you’ll save in the long run is more than worth the price. Below I’ll list some simple statistics about concrete repair services and how you can stand to benefit from calling your local concrete contractors!

Asphalt Driveway Repair In The U.S.

Everyone needs the services of a concrete contractor! The year 2013 saw over 65 million tons of asphalt pavement material reclaimed and reused in many cities, including but not limited to freeways, highways, sidewalks and driveways. Over 3,000 asphalt mix production sites operate throughout the country and produce over 350 million tons of asphalt pavement material yearly. Some of the most common issues are unsightly cracks and damaging potholes, the latter of which can cause damages and even accidents. Over 90% of America’s roads are surfaced with asphalt — while cobblestone and brick roads are charming, they don’t stand well to the test of time!

Regular Asphalt Issues

Asphalt, like any other material exposed to the elements, is particularly susceptible to cold, heat and ye olde average wear and tear. Potholes can cause frustrating damages to people’s cars and small cracks can become big problems if not fixed promptly. Alligator cracking is a term used to refer to the myriad of intersecting cracks that build across asphalt over time, much like a lizard’s scales, and often needs to be replaced entirely. Natural disasters, like earthquakes and storms, can cause major damages and tears that require immediate attention. Last, but certaintly not least, the nature of the ground needs to be taken into consideration before paving. Some of the most common issues can be avoided entirely if the right season or temperature is taken into account.

Customizing Your Driveway

Don’t be tempted to put off repairing your driveway! Installing and maintaining your residential concrete can more than double its lifespan, giving both you and your car a break when the cold months hit. While the concrete companies’ particular stock may vary, colored concrete can come in a whopping 250 hues and shades. Looking to forgo the more common grey and black in favor of a hot pink or gentle blue? It’s all yours! Many people choose to customize and get the dual benefit of a more functional driveway and a stronger aesthetic impression for their home. The first step toward getting the polished driveway or sidewalk of your dreams, however, is calling for a contractor.

Calling Concrete Contractors

Before you contact a contractor for asphalt driveway repair, remember these important tips! The average width for a one-car driveway is eight to nine feet, while a two-car driveway is in the 15 to 18 foot range. Your finished pavement should have a gentle slope, allowing it to better stave off rain and snow and discourage cracks or bumps. One-fourth inch per foot is a common measurement, but it never hurts to double-check with your contractor to see what’s best. Driveway repairs don’t have to be a chore — flip through your local directory and see who can make your life easier down the road!