Get Your Custom Printed Packaging Right with These 5 Tips

Branded boxes and packaging

The packaging you use needs to keep your products safe and sound as they make their way to your customers. Custom printed packaging can also help raise awareness of your brand. Here are some tips to get the most from your specialty packaging.

  1. Start the design process by looking at the function and form of your packaging. Your packaging needs to entice people to buy your product while keeping it safe and secure. It has been estimated that when about 70% of all shoppers make their decision to buy something when they see it in a store. What you need to do with your custom printed packaging is to start with packaging that meets its basic function and move on from there.
  2. Express your brand creativity with your packaging. If you want consumers to see the unique value of your products, you need to work on packaging design that is also unique and different. Your custom printed packaging is the only thing that will make your product stand out from the items that are around it on the store shelf. If you are working on e-commerce packaging, you still want it to stand out. Everyone can recognize the Amazon box when they see it. Spend some time unleashing your creativity when you are designing your custom branded packaging and you will do a lot to grow your business and raise awareness of your brand.
  3. Let the consumer know what you are selling. As creative as your custom printed packaging can be, you need to make sure people know what your product is. There is packaging out there that leaves some question as to what the brand is and what the product is inside that retail packaging. You do not want there to be any question at all about what you are selling. You need to have detailed information about your product. For example, if you are selling a food item, listing the ingredients and nutritional information is very important. You may lose sales when consumers cannot figure out what it is that you are selling and that is never a good thing.
  4. Think about where your product will be sold. If you do most of your sales in stores, you will need a different kind of custom printed packaging than if you do most of your sales online. When people are shopping in a retail store, they can pick up your product and get a sense for how much it weighs. This is not something people can do when they are looking online for products. In both cases, you need your product packaging to be visually appealing. In a store, your retail packaging can set your items apart from the others that are around it. You need to pay close attention to the colors and the fonts that you pick for your packaging. The packaging that is used for your shipping should also promote your brand. The entire time that package is being shipped, it is an ad for your business. If the package sits outside a home, you want people who see that box to see your branding. This is a great opportunity to showcase your brand.
  5. Talk to design experts. Some companies balk at going to design firms when they are working on their custom printed packaging but it can make a big difference. Many smaller businesses think that they cannot afford to go to an outside design firm to help with their packaging but the money spent on this is money well spent. Marketing and design experts can help you make sure that you are putting the best face on your packaging and promoting your brand in the right way. If your budget is really tight, there are smaller consulting firms that can help you and let you stay within that budget. Remember, your packaging is very much the face of your brand so getting it right is very important. At the very least, having a design and marketing expert look over what your team devised for your packaging will create the right look for your products.

Designing the right packaging for your product can raise awareness of your brand and increase your bottom line.