Generating Insane Amounts of Attention for Your Business May be as Easy as Vinyl Wrapping Your Car

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Marketing a new product to consumers is a two-part process: the first step consists of grabbing — and keeping — customer attention and generating curiosity about the brand. The second step, sometimes referred to as a sales funnel, involves customers interacting with information about the brand until they make an informed buying decision and hopefully become loyal customers.

To increase a brand’s reach and relevance to the consumer, many businesses are looking into advertising with custom vinyl wraps. A car or truck is wrapped in a full-body, vinyl advertisement for a product or service, and nine out of 10 consumers report positive responses.

In a world of billboards and television commercials, brightly-colored, vinyl-wrapped car advertisements can be a refreshing and exciting change of pace and a pleasant visual distraction from an otherwise ordinary day.

And the numbers do add up for businesses who choose to pursue advertising with custom vinyl wraps: they often report increased name recognition and a rise in business. Some businesses even report a sharp spike in business following vehicular advertising and choose to drastically increase the number of vinyl-wrapped cars that they put on the road.

Outdoor advertising continues to be a billion-dollar industry and has more than doubled in the last twenty years. Americans report more time per day spent driving and walking, and mobile advertisements show no signs of slowing down.

The top creative vehicle wraps
boast vinyl graphics and are often confused for paint jobs: the printing process for vinyl wraps can often render very detailed company logos and company phone numbers that are large enough for other drivers to see.

A creative vinyl car wrap can be viewed over 50,000 times a day, and when advertisers’ goals include brand recognition, a colorful, well-done vinyl car wrap may be the deciding factor for a customer who is in the process of researching a new product. Once they get consumers interested in their product or service, an advertiser has a higher chance of converting interest into sales.