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If you run or manage a web-based operation of any kind, you’ve probably often wondered about the most effective ways of driving relevant traffic to your site. Not just traffic, per say, but traffic that might actually translate into revenue.
When shopping for a digital marketing association, one of the most attractive assets offered is one-stop-shopping. The reason for this is simple: one company, one vision. In other words, hiring different digital marketing associations to handle pieces of your web presence — one for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), another for inventory and product management, yet another for IT-based maintenance — creates potential problems. There needs to be a uniformity in the way each area is handled.
Ask around. See if you can get other entrepreneurs and business folks to tell you who they’re using to manage their web presence, whether their site basically functions as an application or otherwise. Look at how their websites work — it isn’t hard to discern something professional and well-functioning to something sloppy.
Here’s some basic information that might help you realize the importance of working with a highly functioning business solutions firm:

  • IT consulting is a rapidly growing field, which tells us there’s a huge need for it;the industry has generated over 350 billion dollars in revenue since its fairly recent inception, and it grows over 4% each year
  • Three-quarters of web users surveyed say that they form a judgment about a company or product based on the look, feel, and function of its web design
  • More than three-quarters of of business owners surveyed plan on working to improve their IT practices
  • Firms that boost SEO for small businesses are in demand, given that over 80% of internet users still employ the service of search engines when online; it is still considered the #1 driver of internet traffic
  • Companies that blog, which is a central function performed by SEO applications and related services, have an average of over 400% more indexed pages than companies that don’t
  • More than 100 billion search engine inquiries are conducted monthly, worldwide
  • Finding the right company with the best assortment of services for your needs shouldn’t take an exorbitant length of time, but it’s not something you want to rush, either. Look for candidates that offer web design and hosting packages, a variety of IT managed services and, potentially, custom software development services. Chances are, SEO will be a component built into their business solutions as well. A good digital marketing association should be able to wear all of these hats for you or, at the very least, works with a handful of outsourced companies that do. The optimal situation is one where you can hand off these concerns and trust that the work is being done to make your online presence as successful and profitable as is possible.
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