Four Common Concerns About Virtual Offices Addressed

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Companies that rent virtual offices instead of traditional office spaces benefit from lower overhead costs and increased employee satisfaction. But many people who still choose to rent office spaces in brick-and-mortar buildings have apprehensions about the new technology. Let’s address a few common concerns about virtual offices:

  1. Virtual Office Spaces Make Workers Less Productive

    Actually, the opposite is true. Sure, you can’t hang over your employee’s shoulder to see if they’re really doing their work, but studies have actually shown that most workers who work from home are more productive than those who work in traditional office spaces. They also work more hours, take less sick time and breaks and arrive on time. Working from a virtual office does take self control and it’s not for everybody, but it can actually boost significantly.
  2. Virtual Offices Have Fewer Distractions

    This is untrue, since workers in a virtual office are just as likely to get tired, distracted and bored, especially if there are things they need to get done around the house. Workers who use virtual offices need to have the self-control to keep themselves focused in either environment.
  3. Virtual Office Workers Make Their Own Hours

    Though many people who’ve recently switched to working from home make the mistake of working whenever they feel like it, having a routine is important. Employees should set aside a desk and plan out their day just like an employee in a brick-and-mortar office. That includes having a regular sleep schedule.
  4. Virtual Offices Gives Workers Time to Get Errands Done

    When no one’s watching you, it’s tempting to run out to the store to get milk or call your friend to chat for a few minutes, but virtual office workers need to understand that even at home, they’re still on the clock. It takes some time to adjust to this mindset, but most workers figure it out eventually.

Virtual offices can benefit employees and managers if used correctly.
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