Follow OSHA Regulations with Rigging Products and the Installation of Stair Safety

Many people face the risk of falls, with this being the leading cause of death within the construction industry. We all know that seniors tend to slip can fall within the home, whether it may be in the stairwell or bathroom, but handrails and other sturdy railing parts are helpful for increasing safety throughout the home. For construction workers, there are many more options to make the workday much safer.

Accidental Injuries

While staircase accidents are only the second most common types of accidents leading to injury, there are still many rigging products that can help to provide supporting rails and other equipment to prevent falls. Stairs are in homes and many other locations, while falls outside a building are also quite dangerous. Portable and traveling stairs for builders, painters, and other workers have become much more regulated since the initial OSHA regulations released in 1971. Those are the places where falls are most likely to occur, and it is important that the workers who rely on those to climb atop a building or stand on for work should gain stabilization.

Some Rigging Products for Support

Without proper fall protection, violating OSHA regulations, these workers are most likely at risk of falls. Some of the different additions to these stairs include the following:

  • Connect chain and fittings
  • Heavy-duty trailer door straps
  • Heavy-duty web slings
  • Alloy steel chain slings
  • Adjustable chain sling
  • Cable railing parts
  • Polyester round sling
  • Self locking slings
  • Synthetic slings

While there are many different regulations that limit the rails and other pieces that can be added to these work staircases, it is important to make sure that workers are kept safe. It appears that regulations are continually being updated, and OSHA’s Fall Protection Regulations are anticipating that updates as of 2036 will require ladder safety systems on all ladders for falls more than 24 feet.

Even more so, there is much to consider in what can be done inside a warehouse where workers travel at very high areas and constantly have to walk up and down stairs that may not have rails at all locations. Rigging products can help install the railing that is needed in the areas where areas are tight and workers may come close to a fall while walking back and forth in high spaces.