Employment Staffing Agency Can Help You Find Employees

Temp staffing firm

There may be situations in your company where you will need the services of an employment staffing agency. You need temporary workers to fill in for a regular employee who needs to take an extended leave, or perhaps you have a special project that needs extra staff members.

An employment staff agency, also known as a temp agency or temporary staffing firm can help you find and retain workers. Numbers indicate that since the recession, temporary work has grown at more than triple the rate than permanent employment. Employment growth was up 14.2 percent for temporary workers between 2009 and 2012, while the growth for permanent workers was only 3.8 percent.

Interestingly, a study by the American staffing Association shows that three out of four employment staffing agency clients rank the quality of workers they hire from a temp staffing agency to be as good or better than their regular full time staff members.

An employment staffing agency can also provide other valuable services rather than just providing temporary workers. Not only can an employment staffing agency get you those employees, but these companies can also provide training, compliance services, information management, and much more.

An employment staffing agency can also help you find permanent employees for your company. Often, the temp that you hire can be hired as a permanent employee through an employment staffing agency. These hiring agencies can also help you recruit new employees. They can streamline the hiring process as well. An employment staff agency can go through the numerous resumes received responding to a job posting. The staffing solution firm will find the candidates that are best suited for your position. An employment staff agency can also do background checks, or verify certifications and education if that is a requirement.

An employment staffing agency can then do pre screening interviews and only present you with viable candidates who will fit into your company culture satisfactorily.

As you can see, an employment staffing agency can help you find employees whether you need them on a permanent or a temporary basis. Stop struggling with trying to do the job without the proper employee base.