Effective Ways to Prevent Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Fires

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Commercial kitchen fires are a common occurrence, especially in the hospitality industry. It’s estimated that hotel and motel fires result in about 15 deaths and 150 injuries, with an estimated $76 million worth of property loss every year. And therefore, ensuring that this professional cooking environment remains safe is vital. Hiring commercial fire protection services can help you avoid kitchen fires and ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

Here are 5 essentials for reducing fire risk in professional kitchens.

Equipment maintenance
Of all commercial kitchen fires, a majority results from faulty kitchen cooking equipment. Kitchen fires are rapid, and that’s why regular inspection and evaluation of kitchen appliances are encouraged to ensure the equipment are working as expected.

General cleaning
The amount of food production in commercial kitchens demands a high level of cleaning. Most importantly in hoods where grease gets trapped around kitchen vents. Greased surfaces overheat quickly and could easily spark off a fire. So, you also need to clean your counter surfaces and cooktops to ensure the area is free of fire hazards.

Maintenance and Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems
Sprinkler systems are one of the main fire protection services and vital elements in commercial fire protection. Hire professional commercial fire protection services for fire sprinkler installations as well as maintenance. Regular inspection and testing are also important to ensure there are no issues that would interfere with its performance
in combating fire emergency situation.

Some of the things to note during sprinkler inspection include corrosion, paint, leakage and sprinkler head clearance. Water flow test and valve test has to be tested to ensure full system functionality.

Regulatory and Compliance Standards
There are numerous measures and guidelines under the commercial fire safety. Compliance is an essential tool for improving fire safety in a commercial kitchen as it helps in damage control and ensures safety for the occupants. Under the fire safety regulation, the existing fire detection systems must be operational to discover fire quickly, allowing the occupants to evacuate to a safe place. All employees and not just the cooking staff must be aware of the fire warning system and have prior knowledge of how to respond to a fire emergency.

Educational fire safety programs
Lack of fire preparedness is another contributing factor in many commercial kitchen fires. Even with robust fire equipment and technology for fire protection, it’s equally important that all your staff members be equipped with knowledge and skills to fight and prevent fire hazards. Such training should involve fire drills, evacuation procedures and proper use of firefighting equipment.

Lastly, proper clothing is a must for all your staff members. Loose clothing, open-toed shoes, and sandals are highly discouraged in kitchen areas. Avoid sleeve clothing, or better yet, wear an apron, which is ideal clothing in such an environment. Depending on factors surrounding your kitchen, there several commercial fire protection services that can meet your exact fire safety needs.