Effective Industrial Tank Liners for Water Storage Systems

Tank liner products are industrial materials designed to protect and increase the service years of your water tanks, filter beds and clarifiers. They offer protection against corrosive chemical attack, as well as preventing contamination on water storage tanks. When applied, industrial tank liners cures to form a tough and a corrosive resistance surface on different types of substrate materials.

Water storage tanks especially require linings and protective coating to make water safe for human consumption, according to the set standards on water systems by the NFS. When looking for the right tank lining solution for your project, there are many liner products on the market for your consideration.

Industrial Tank Liners for Water Storage Systems

1. Two-Component Epoxies

This type of industrial tank liner is formulated with superior materials such as epoxy resin and hardener to offer excellent chemical resistance on different types of substrate materials, whether steel or concrete. Two-component epoxy tank liners cure fast due to high solid contents on the two compounds, and the curing process can be accelerated with increased temperature.

When applying a two-component epoxy coating, make sure you clean the tank surface first to remove dust and debris which can compromise the adhesion ability of the liner being applied. Unlike regular paints that cure fast with thin films, epoxy tank liners cure fast with a thick layer of the coating. This is because the reaction between epoxy resin and hardener is exothermic; meaning that increased heat speeds up the curing process.

2. Coal Tar Epoxies Tank Liners

A number of liner products are used to protect the interior and exterior of tanks, and coal tar-based epoxy tank liners are one of the effective solutions for industrial and residential use. They are used for a wide range of applications including tank lining, deck coatings, pipe coating, and vessel lining. Other heavy-duty applications for coal tar epoxies are steel and concrete maintenance.

These are black polymer coatings consisting of refined coal tar pitch, resin and hardeners and they form a hard, smooth surface that protects against chemical attacks and moisture penetration. Making them an excellent water storage tank liners.

Qualities of Coal Tar Epoxy Tank Liners

  • Low permeability
  • Excellent adheres to oily surface
  • Offers prime gloss finishing
  • Easy application by brush, spray or roller
  • Superior dielectric strength
  • Anti-fouling properties
  • Corrosion resistance

3. Polyurea and Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurea and polyurethane coatings protect water tanks against chemical corrosion, moisture, and abrasion. However, unlike two-component and coal tar epoxies coatings, which are applied using either spray, roller or brush, this type of tank liner requires a special tool for application.

These coatings are widely used for concrete coating due to their excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical attack as well as high flexibility. Qualities of polyurea and polyurethane:

  • Superior adhesive ability
  • Excellent for potable water tank lining
  • Cures considerably fast
  • Applied on tank without a primer
  • Maximum corrosion and abrasion resistance

Understanding the different types of tank liners can help you choose the right product for your project. Whether you’re looking to avert chemical attacks, corrosion or protect your water storage tank, a good tank liner will ensure superior performance.